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Welcome to Apostles Today! 

This forum has been...
a place of promoting apostolic grace since it's inception in 2000.  The Lord Jesus Christ established that some were to be apostles. An Apostle is a real person that is sent with grace and commissioning.

"It is through Him that we have received grace and our apostleship to promote obedience to the faith and make disciples for His name's sake among all the nations." Romans 1:5  Amplified Bible

The Apostle is vitally needed and is often the missing ingredient in the modern day Church.  The Lord is raising up His apostles in the spirit of humility and servitude to teach, train, activate and to build according to Heaven's pattern that the Church may be mobilized. It starts with His leaders. First things must be first.

Apostles Today is...
a series of forums and an interactive social network designed to allow ministers and leaders with an interest in the modern apostolic to communicate and relate on an informal basis.  Apostles Today is not a formal network of churches or ministers.  It's sole purpose is to serve the subscribers by providing a safe place for networking on an individual level, mentoring, relationship building with peers and discussing topics relating to the apostolic. Our e-mail list and Social Network are moderated by apostles who have the necessary experience to facilitate this purpose.  

We invite...
those who are called as an apostle - functioning as an apostle or emerging apostle to participate. We are not exclusive, although our lists are dedicated to this area of function and ministry.  Go to the Social Network and e-mail List page for details.

Our vision is...
To create a relationship oriented environment where those called to function in apostolic ministry may discuss, relate to, and learn from others of like calling.

A place where an apostle can embrace, learn about, and relate to other apostles and the work they are called to do among the body of Christ especially with other equipping ministries (apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors).

A place where people can be transparent and open with each other so that they can share their hearts without intimidation or fear of being belittled.

Yet, also a place where one can be stretched and molded by those who may be gifted a little differently, yet have experiential knowledge and scriptural knowledge of what you might be going through or working with in ministry.

Our prayer is...
that the heavens may be open that the Lord may move freely in our communities. May Godly strongholds be established in our cities. May God establish His true apostolic ministers and teams across the nations of the earth. May Jesus Christ rule and reign through His kings and priests!

Reaching For Heaven & Touching the Nations,

Bret A. Wade
Assistant Director

 The Voice Newsstand


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